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Strategic Objective

This program is a Field Hockey BC initiative that is aimed at improving both the knowledge base and on field delivery of a targeted group of talented and dedicated umpires from across the Province.   

The FHBC Targeted Umpire Education and Mentorship Program will strategically try to improve the standard of field hockey umpiring across the province.  The program will initially be limited to a small number of candidates and mentors.  It is hoped that expansion in other areas will follow over time.  The program will try and capitalize on:
  • Effectively transferring the knowledge base of certain umpires in touch most currently with the international game and other specific areas of umpire education and development
  • Making efficient use of the knowledge base we already have across the province
  • Using peer evaluation as a means of generating discussion and advancing ideas and theories
  • Targeted education that addresses specific weaknesses in the system
  • Targeted education aimed at groups and individuals able to make the most sustainable impact on athlete development in the province

Education and Mentorship Overview

In its first two years, this program focused on up and coming umpires that demonstrated sufficient ability to be able to be considered as candidates, via recommendations and reviews of the FHBC Umpiring Committee.  The opportunity to advance through the Canadian Umpiring pathway has been offered to a few selected individuals that are still in the program.  Now in its third year, we are seeking out dedicated, aspiring umpires via application process.     

The rationale behind the program is listed below:

  • Effectively disseminating the knowledge base of our National Umpires and other Experts
  • Making efficient use of existing knowledge
  • Generate discussion and advance ideas and theories
  • Address systemic weaknesses
  • Targeted education for a sustainable impact

The program will not initially be age restricted but there will be an emphasis on candidates who would be eligible to take advantage of the International umpiring pathway.

FHBC is not requiring gender equity in this program but expect there to be both male and female umpires in the program. There is no cost to the umpire to participate in the program. Any umpiring opportunities will be paid as per current rating. Selected umpires will receive a uniform.

Requirements of Candidates:

  • Commitment to at least 1-2 practical 1 to 1 mentorship opportunities
  • Commitment to a minimum of 2 full event opportunities
  • Can include group sessions/events as determined by the Umpire Manager(s)

The 2014-2015 Umpire Education and Mentorship Porgram will be launched in the Fall of 2014. Please stay tuned for further information.

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