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Field Hockey BC is the Provincial Sports Organization (PSO) responsible for supporting Field Hockey in the province of British Columbia. In partnership with the National body Field Hockey Canada (FHC), Field Hockey BC provides opportunities for British Columbians to experience the challenges and rewards of the exciting sport of field hockey. Whether you are a player, official, coach, administrator or spectator, Field Hockey BC is committed to operating with integrity, openness and respect to ensure that our tradition of field hockey excellence is preserved in British Columbia and that our sport is open to people of all ages, skill levels and abilities.

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Member Services - What services can I expect from the FHBC Society with my annual membership?


1. Infrastructure - Society Management - Operations and Governance
2. Education, Certification and Professional Development for Coaches and Officials
3. Athlete Development and Coach Mentorship Program - Regional Program (Girls) / Regional Program (Boys) / Provincial Program (Boys & Girls)
4. Organisation of FHBC Events - Provincial, High Performance, Development, Club, Invitational (Incl VIT)
5. Grassroots Development - Schools Program (Boys & Girls)


1. Communication (website and live database driven)
- Field Hockey Opportunities (athlete/coach/official/voluntary/professional development)
- Newsletters and Awards
- Media Coverage and Funding Opportunities
- Equipment and Apparel Supply (sport specific)
- Post Secondary Opportunities
- Club/League Opportunities

2. Partnerships (examples)
- Funding Partners
- Sponsors
- Support Services (physiologists, athletic therapists, nutritionalists, psychologists)

3. Field Hockey Participation – Sanctioning of opportunities:
- Programs, Leagues, Tournaments, Events (direct and indirect opportunities)
- Member Insurance Coverage

4. Developing field hockey in outlying areas 
- Logistical support and programming (championship hosting, coach and athlete programs)


- Partnerships with National and International Governing Bodies (FHC and FIH)
- Support for International Events / Support for NSO Championships and Initiatives
- The creation of a Foundation for Sports Development (financial and operational sustainability)
- Field Hockey Centre of Excellence in BC 
- Sport Specific Foundation – Long-term financial model with a self-sufficiency base


- Partnerships with Club and School Structure
- Grassroots (schools program, girls give back initiative)
- Coaching (coach education and mentorship program)
- Officiating (umpire education and professional development program)


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Field Hockey BC

202-210 West Broadway,  Vancouver BC, V5Y 3W2,

Tel: 604.737.3046    Fax: 604.873.6488

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